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My background

I have been a professional piano tuner for over 22 years, and have worked with a variety of clients, ranging from private customers, families and individuals to music teachers, schools and recording studios. Before trading as a Piano Tuner, I studied for 3 years at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, and qualified as a tuner technician with a RNCB Diploma in tuning and repairs. I am also a full-time member of the Association of Blind Piano Tuners.

Finding a good piano tuner isn't easy, as I am a member of a Professional piano tuning organization this will give you the confidence to use my service as I am backed up by their insurance and quality control.

To get the best out of your piano and keep it at its peak performance - I recommend regular tuning which will enhance your playing pleasure, and at the same time regular maintenance will prevent the piano from any serious deterioration.

I also offer a wide range of services for your piano, from 'pitch move', which is retuning your piano to concert pitch, to repair of sticky keys, pedals or regulating of action parts. Toning, voicing, fitting castors, key covering, etc.

Piano Assessment and Valuation. Before you splash out on a secondhand piano, itís advisable to get a second opinion.


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